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I want to introduce you to Ace. He loves fishing.

Ace – Fishing off Trail 4, San Onofre, CA

He is the oldest of our four. He is 13 going on 30. He is way beyond his years. Even though he is a typical boy and loves to blow things up, light things on fire, play ding-dong ditch, go to baseball games, go camping, fishing, and shoot guns with his dad and grandpa. He still doesn’t want to help with the dishes (who does?)! He just has a maturity about him. He loves his friends, but still likes to do things with us. I will savor this for as long as possible. I know it wont be long until he requires limited attention from us.

Grillin’ Brats with friends Camping, Leo Carillo State Beach, CA

He already has the desire and passion to go out in the world and help others and figure out how he can make a dollar or two. He also saves his cash for a rainy day. He is content. He is like his dad in this way. I adore this and have strived to learn more about this method “less is more”. Wish me luck.

He is very loving and affectionate. He is adored by almost everyone he meets. My girls get along with him very well. He loves to teach them about everything he knows. As a matter of fact, he does this for everyone. He has a world of knowledge and loves to share what he knows about everything to anyone who will listen. I love this about him.

I adore this young man. I can’t wait to watch him grow up in to the very smart successful man he nearly is.

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