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Please let me introduce you to my Bink.  This is my daughter and she is 8, or 8-1/2.  She is always happy and cheerful.  She is what I consider a typical oldest sibling, or maybe a little reflection of me.  She is in charge, she is protective, she worries, and she is very tender and sweet.  She is dreamy and always looking up in to the fluffy clouds.  Love and understand this about her, it’s part of her charm.

This is her when she was much smaller.  2 years old to be exact.

Here she is shopping and protecting her sister at the The Grove in LA.  We went shopping at American Girl Cafe for her on her 6th birthday.   This day was a huge highlight of her life!

American Girl Cafe, The Grove, L.A.

She loves camping and exploring.  She wants to help everyone.  She is a kindred spirit.  I adore her.  Now if I could just get her to do her homework!  She is a sit back and watch from afar kind of girl.  She is only close to those who she allows.   That would be her Gammie, her Nanni (my stepmom), her uncle (my brother), her auntie’s, and me her mom.   I am not too worried about her. She is like me.

For now I enjoy watching her climb trees and be a kid.

Camping, Summer 2012

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