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canning cranberry sauce

My girls and I canned cranberry sauce.  Well, one of them helped at first.  My intentions were to have this wonderful mother-daughter experience but with my ADD we were playing outside until I realized I was losing daylight hours for photos and needed to get started with or without them!

If you like cranberry sauce even a little, you will loooove this one, just saying I think it’s that good!  It’s sweet, so easy to make, and tastes so much better homemade. I have been making this sauce for years, and since I have wanted to try canning I figured I would make this and use it through Christmas, the winter, give as gifts, and whatever comes to mind.  You can put it on turkey sandwiches, use on roast pork loin, and I had about 3/4 cup left over and I made muffins.  They tasted like Christmas!  Yes, Christmas has a taste!  I had leftovers because I was working on my equivalents and over did it a bit.  Good thing I did because everyone got a muffin for breakfast!

Maple Tangerine Cranberry Sauce

by:  Johnathan Waxman c/o Fine Cooking

Supplies. I used pint jars because a little sauce goes a long way.

Juju helped load the jars in the dishwasher and she put the lids in to a saucepan for us to boil.  She started the dishwasher and I boiled the seals and lids.  While that is going, add the cranberries, brown sugar, and cinnamon to the pot.

Thank you Juju for using your sweet little fingers to spread out the brown sugar!

Next add the maple syrup and a few nice pinches of Kosher salt.  The salt helps cut the sweetness a bit. Notice the little feet in the background slowly leaving the scene.  She is probably taking a “break” with a piece of Halloween candy.  That candy is going to the Candy Fairy this weekend!

Use a Grade B Maple Syrup because it gives a richer/heartier flavor. I love Maple Syrup.

Next you want to grate a bit of tangerine zest.  I grated approximately 3 teaspoons.  Notice how my eldest daughter has not yet shown up to help!  That little stink a Bink!  Knowing her she is probably reading a novel in her room. Yeah right!  I think it was more like the TV.

Zestola – Zesty – Zestalicious – I love Zest

Get your juicer ready. Holy Moly!  I need to oil my cutting board!

I like this picture too. I am not too sure I like the dog crate in some of my pictures. 

I juiced enough tangerines to make 2 cups of juice.  Add zest and juice to the pot!

Looking good except those shoes next to the window.  Old dirty shoes make food picture taste better, I think!

Next bring to a boil, and reduce to a simmer for about 30-45 minutes until thickened.  Remove from stove.  It should look like this.  Glass of Chardonnay optional but comes highly recommended.

Sweet and tangy.

Remove cinnamon sticks.

I didn’t want to take you through the complete canning process, but I will tell you it is so much easier than you would think, and I had a lot of fun doing it.  Gives you a sense of survival in case of an apocalypse if your scared of that sort of thing.  I used this guide: or refer to this site  Here is my recipe to can 12 pint jars of maple tangerine cranberry sauce:  The little taste tester’s even loved it!

8 cups Cranberries

3 cups brown sugar

2 cups Grade B Maple Syrup.

3 sticks cinnammon

3-4 pinches Kosher Salt

3 teaspoons of Tangerine Zest

2 cups Tangerine juice

Happy Thanksgiving!

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