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Even though this bottle of wine is nothing really to write home to mom about, I do like this bottle of wine.  It’s a simple red wine that I bought just for me or to share, just in the right price range (under $10), and I love the picture on the bottle. I am not in to skulls that much, but this one is made up of flowers if you look close enough.  Since it is Halloween, and this was all I could find last minute, I decided to grab another bottle.  Since when do I buy wine for the label?  I guess when it’s Halloween!  For one I have tried it, and it’s alright.  Second it added to the theme of this weekend with a day of decorating cupcakes, making apple turnovers, and dinner with family.  Ok maybe wine only went with the dinner part, but it was working for me!  I took a picture of it next to Surfer Boy’s skull he keeps on the kitchen counter.  I think my skull is prettier.  Is it ok to call a skull prettier?  Today it is!  Once my cousin, her husband and my mom got there, I had to share.  I see no other way to drink wine than to share it with those you love.  Hope you have a Happy Halloween!  Cheers!

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