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The Night We Met – May 2011

We met when we least expected. I was new in to my separation and so was he. I went to a 30th birthday party with my brother and his girlfriend. I wasn’t much up for a party and certainly had no intention of meeting anyone. There were pool tables, food and figured the 3 of us would blend in and catch up with old friends and family. We weren’t too far in to the door when I noticed him across the room. Strong, big shoulders, rugged, blue eyes, huge smile, and oh that dimple when he smiles. Makes my heart flutter!

I was off to get a plate of food to share with my brother and his girlfriend and before I knew it he was there standing right next to me. I looked down at my plate and I had enough appetizer items on my plate to feed a herd. Perfect. It’s a good thing I am not too bothered by that petty stuff, or so I appeared not to be. His first words to me were sweet and playful jokes about the size of the contents on my plate. His intentions were charming and anyone that can joke around so openly right away was definitely alright with me.

So I took my plate that could feed a horse back to my table. After a bit of exchanged glances, I felt it was time for me to walk across this large room and throw away my plate right next to where he was sitting, eating dinner with a friend. Somewhere along that trek across the room, I gathered enough courage to invite him to play pool with us. We played for the next few hours. His feisty, strong wit kept me on my toes the whole night.

Did I mention his lips? How about a kiss that makes you forget where you are…

Trail 4, San Onofre, CA


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