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i need breadcrumbs now!

I spend a bit of time at SB’s house.  When I am there I typically make dinner.  This particular Sunday I was making dinner for our kids and us.  The only problem is that I don’t have all the nifty gadgets and tools I have at my house like a Food Processor!  So what do you do when you are at your boyfriend’s house and don’t have your food processor and need breadcrumbs right now because you’re making meatballs and your sauce is already simmering on the stove?  This is what I did:  Remember the side of your cheese grater you never use?  It’s not just for hard cheeses and citrus zest!  It is a bread grater too! I keep rolls frozen at his house for dinner or sandwiches – so I pulled one out.  Keeping it frozen is the key to success.  I grated the bread, and voila!  Perfect crumbs!

Fresh Bread Crumbs at SB’s House!

I hope you can use this for a quick and easy method, especially if you don’t have a food processor and prefer fresh breadcrumbs.

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