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This is Juju.  She is 5.  Is it true the youngest is the most wild?  If so, she is in every way!  She is also the most dramatic, the most sensitive, the most crazy, and the most loving and affectionate.

Juju – being silly

She is very sweet and rambunctious all at once.   She loves doing everything the big kids do, and she really tries hard to keep up, even though she sometimes gets left out.  She loves camping, and is a well-seasoned camper.  She loves playing outside and definitely has the energy for it.

I also call her my bruiser because her shins have non-stop bruises.  When she was little I swore I was heading to the hospital more than 10 times because of how many times she would fall head first in to some piece of furniture.  This pic is the perfect example of one of these moments. Can you see that massive lump or bruise between her eyes?


Even with the lump, I love this picture.  I miss this age!  Anyway, she is all grown up now!  Or so she wishes.  She is already boy crazy.  I am so scared, since I am all to familiar with this subject in school.  Can 5 year olds really love Justin Bieber?

She really tries her heart out.  Juju is a bit of a perfectionist.   She wants to do well and succeed at whatever she puts her mind too.  When we are doing her homework, she must have the correct spelling, and the letters must look perfect, or else she erases it and starts over.  The picture below is when she was doing her choir performance.  It was so awesome to watch her be so animated and really put her all in to this:

That’s her in the middle (red polka dots).

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