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I was having one of those moments of feeling frazzled and wondering if my efforts were ever going to make anyone happy.  I don’t think you have to be blending kids to feel this way.  Right now the holidays are approaching.  It seems the changing of the weather and fall season just brings out a sense of family tradition tangled with stress to make it just right and never enough in the budget to make it happen, at least up to my grandiose expectations.  I just can’t wait to have fun and either begin new traditions or re-live the old.  Some of us or most of us have expectations of how we like to celebrate this time of year.  The holidays, no matter what, already come with a bit of frazzle as it is.

One of the first holidays of the season is Halloween and it’s just around the corner.  I love Halloween. I love to put up lights, decorations, play spooky music, give out candy, make pumpkin bread, carve pumpkins, dress the kids, and have parties with friends and family.  These are my expectations. Whew!  Maybe we should just rent a movie and take it easy.  SB is probably on board with that idea so I will leave that one out the suggestion box.  Sometimes combining all these expectations get a little jumbled and someone either feels left out, doesn’t get what they want, and that can lead to these little resentful feelings.

So how do you get four kids and two adults to agree on everyone’s expectations, accept what the other wants and if it doesn’t work out, find a way to accept and forgive? Good question!  Let me know what you come up with and email me as soon as you have it figured out!  Hope to hear from you soon.  Really don’t be shy.  I’m all ears, or eyes for that matter!

This year we are mostly making our kids costumes, and so far I think they are the best costumes of any year so far.  I found a flower girl dress in almost perfect condition for $20 at Goodwill for Bink’s zombie bride costume.  I made her veil from $2.00 worth of tulle. I may open a veil shop I am so proud of myself. Not exactly.  Juju’s vampire costume is her sister’s hand-me-down leotards and her Gammie is making a cape, which only cost $12 for all 3-1/2 yards.  We bought Squirt his doctor costume for $20 and are accessorizing with hospital caps and shoe covers since my mom (a.k.a. Gammie) is a nurse and brought those goodies home for us.  I found make up and fake blood at JoAnn’s for pretty much a $1 each tube.  I think we’re set!

The kids like our houses to be festive with all the decorations and lights.  Decorations are up at my house, and SB and I put a few things up at his house too.  I think the expectations the kids have are to see the house decorated, dress up for Halloween, carve pumpkins, and go trick-or-treating.  Seems easy, but what happens when one isn’t so happy?  We have plans for everyone this weekend.   For Friday night I suggested to Ace to invite a friend or two to come to a haunted house my brother has put on for 5 years now.  He was so scared last year; I have a feeling he isn’t up for it this year.  Muah-ha-ha!! So far the next day, the plan is to get together with some friends and their kids to make some Halloween treats.  Hopefully if it works out we will do it next year.  The last weekend we were all together we went to a pumpkin patch, took all kinds of pictures, and took at picnic lunch.  It was a great day.   

Squirt, Bink, Juju, Ace – Pumpkin Patch

I will keep you posted on how we do as Halloween approaches.

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