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softball and baseball

Right now softball and baseball are running our lives.  We are eating, breathing and sleeping around our kid’s sport schedules.  Maybe that is a little dramatic but my point is we love every minute that our kids play sports.  It keeps us all active and that is how Surfer Boy and I like it.  SB is a Coach for his son’s team.  He is go-getter and loves to be involved. I just think he looks incredibly handsome on the field!  I am the silly girlfriend on the sidelines swooning over the coach.

So far during this season we have had to take a few deep breaths and look the other way because the boy’s mother has thrown a wrench in during a game or two.   If you’re going to do it why not do it in front of every person out there?  It’s more effective that way, right?  Her scene stealing moments have to do with the fact that SB’s oldest son Ace does not want to be around her or even speak to her.  This has been going on since the end of 2011.  As much as we are working on his reactions to her, we still wonder why she thinks her dramatic displays will make the situation with her and her son any better.  To this day, I still do not understand.  Somehow we make it out alive.  I’m kidding.  I want to reiterate what I have said before is that SB remains calm and does not react to any of her shenanigans.  Just in case you were wondering, for the most part, games are exciting to watch and uneventful.  Squirt’s team is in the lead!  He has one proud Daddy!

On the other end we have softball.  I keep score for my daughter’s team and help in the dugout when I need too.  I brought Ace to my oldest daughter Bink’s, softball game last week.  He wanted to go so I picked him up and off we went.  I get a little irritated, or is it uncomfortable that the girl’s dad deliberately ignore Ace or Squirt if they come to the girl’s game.  I know they are SB’s sons so why should they be acknowledged by my children’s father?  Well for one, they have a close bond to the girls.  Secondly, they are kids and have no fault in any of the situations that have surrounded them, so this makes them feel hurt and unwelcome.  So after Ju-Ju hugs Ace and we are standing around for that split second, I notice again that the girl’s dad does not acknowledge the presence of Ace.  Ugh! Not a hi, not a nod, nothing!  He has met and seen Ace around many times.  Ace is well aware of this treatment from him, and Ace deliberately try’s to look away.  Ace just shakes his head and we move on.  During this game, I tried to reach out and and ask the girl’s dad if next time he could say hi or give an acknowledgement so he doesn’t let on his feelings.  The response I got from him was he must be a smart kid, and he has no plans to be his friend.  Well OK then! I won’t argue or force the situation and turned the other way.  I suppose he is entitled to how he feels whether I agree with it or not.  This is when I stay calm and carry on.

So after SB and I are done dealing with the adult children in our life, and yes unfortunately this is how we feel about them, we get to be proud of this stuff.  Here are the pics of our two youngest:

Swing Juju!  Don’t drop that arm!


Run Home Baby!

Squirt – Pitching his first game: (nice form!)

The pictures of Squirt are not as clear since I was farther away and used SB’s phone to take these two pictures.

Friday night before Easter we took all the kids to the field to practice ball.  Bink is taking pitching lessons and I wanted to keep practicing with her.  Her attention span to play softball is not as high on the list as the younger two.  It’s not as high on the list as SB and I would like it to be either.  I won’t force her, but at the same time she says she loves softball and wants to keep playing.  I am hoping with a little time and patience, she will want to dive in to it or find something else she likes.  She can be very proud of herself when she does good.  Ju-Ju ran around and hit the ball, played catch with Ace, and ran for the ball in the outfield.  I would just call her a ball of energy.  Squirt practiced pitching and hitting.  I had a lot of fun and can’t until we do it again!

Ace and Ju-Ju

Juju and Ace

SB pitching, Ace to bat, and Bink in the outfield

SB pitching

Squirt – double hitter!

Squirt - bat

After playing ball, we had pizza and root beer floats for Squirts birthday.  He turned 8 a week ago.  He is very excited to sit in the front seat of my car!  Happy 8th Birthday Squirt!!

Squirt bday

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