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spring with the groms

School is out in 2 days and I am looking forward to many days at the beach, pool, and playing with the kids.  Here are some things we have been up to lately; we have been having dinner together a lot.   This pic was on my patio.

DinnerLately it just seems that we are running around everywhere, helping each other out getting our kids places and making dinner is a must in my house.  I am not a fan of eating out (even though lately it has happened more than I’d like it too), so this night I grilled up some pork loin, made a lot of green beans, baked potato and voila!  Dinner!  A week later we ate inside after Ace was finished with his first Karate lesson.  My brother, Sensei Master, is giving him lessons.  On a later date I made chicken enchilada’s which were a favorite for all the kids.  Whew!  Sometimes pleasing everyone’s palate is hard.

Memorial Weekend was spent mostly at Surfer Boy’s house. That Saturday we BBQ’d with a couple close friends, and my mom came too with her new guy.  I am very happy for my mom, and we think her new guy is great! The kids had a picnic in the backyard with our neighbor’s kids.  I love catching pictures like this, especially of Squirt hugging his brother.

Memorial Day kids picnicClose up of my beautiful girls (they can stop growing now):

closeup - Memorial Day

The next day I had the three little ones all to myself.  SB took Ace and helped a friend who is building a patio cover.  I took the other three on a nature hike.  This is a beautiful nature center close by where I live.  We took the stream trail and passed at least 4 waterfalls.  Yes, we are not wearing proper hiking shoes because we were on our way to the pool and detoured.  Spontaneity at its best!  The trails are nicely paved and groomed in case you were worried.


The next day it was just SB and I.  We went to a Memorial Day service together, met my mom there where her new guy was giving the Gettysburg address.  The man on the podium is not her new guy (*disclaimer).  It was a beautiful day!

Memorial ServiceJust this last weekend we went along with SB and his boy’s to Squirt’s school carnival.  I never got a chance to take pictures because I was either being pulled in ten different directions, or talking to other parents.  I did however capture this melt your heart moment.  I was walking with Juju back to Surfer Boy’s house from the carnival and she ran and ran to catch up with SB just to walk with him and hold his hand.  His house is just over that wall.  She turned and looked back smiles, so happy and proud of herself.

SB with JU

Here are more pics of my little Juju muffin.  She is a ham.  We rode bikes to Squirt’s baseball field after a little mommy-daughter shopping day.  Thanks to SB, she is riding her bike all by herself in the first place.  Here are some great closeups of her silly personality as we were leaving Squirt’s baseball practice on our bikes:

Juju 7 Juju 6 Juju 5 Juju 4 Juju 3 Juju 2 Juju 1

She’s a squirrelly one!  She turns 6 on the first day of summer.

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