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Squirt – February 2013

This is Squirt.  You can read more about him under the groms.  Just to recap, he is the youngest of Surfer Boy’s two boys and his 8th birthday is this coming weekend.  He is the second youngest if you combine all four of our kids.  He has a wild side, that is all boy and he also has a tender loving side which I am happy to report I see more and more of as time goes on.  He just melts my heart!  There is a “but”.  But, he is also what I believe to be in a whole lot more turmoil than the rest of our kids. You could say, he is in the MIDDLE of all the turmoil.  He is the little guy that gets tossed back and forth between his mother’s chaos and drama.  He has to worry about things like what jeans he needs to wear back to her house, what his mother might do or say if he breaths the wrong way, and if he can give me a hug or not.  This drives me crazy!  It flat out pisses me off.  I rant, I rave inside yet all we can do is be silent.  Wait for the inevitable.  Silence is the only thing that can suppress, obliterate, smother, choke, I mean extinguish the chaotic drama that this woman creates during so many situations with her children.  The oldest refuses to see her and has not gone to her home since October of 2011. 

As a mom I worry about screwing up my kids.  This woman could care less.  Every action she makes or engages in has absolutely no consideration of how it is affecting her child.  This week I have been stressed out over this because I wonder why him and what can we do?  Some circumstances have occurred over the last few weeks that I cannot even fathom and my protective Mama Bear is enraged and geared up for protection of our young.

My faith is all that ever sees me through.  I know He has a plan and even though we cannot see the outcome today or even next month, we have to be strong enough to handle it day by day and see it through.  Silence is a weapon that can only bring you peace.  If you engage the crazy person, you will only make yourself lose your mind. 

I also have tremendous faith and trust in Surfer Boy.  He handles himself so well.  We all could learn a thing or two from him.

This made me laugh.  It is oh so true!


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