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This is Squirt.  He is 7 and all boy. He wakes up at dawn like his dad.   He doesn’t stop playing all day and when it’s time to hit the pillow its lights out. The End.



He is definitely daddy’s boy.  Right now he is learning to surf and I am looking forward to getting some new pictures of him in the next couple weekends.  He is a typical no fear little man.  He rides his bike, skateboards, climbs everything, scales small buildings in a single bound, and likes to help his dad wash my car and any other chore that requires him to stay outside.  Like his dad, he has a goofy silly side that can make you laugh and then a feisty side that can appear all in the same minute.  

Squirt is very protective over his family.  Even when he and his brother are not seeing eye-to-eye, he will still protect him not a second later.

He is eager to learn how to do everything and wants to help with anything he can.  He is definitely putting up his stance to let everyone know I’m here and I can do it too.  He is reaching the age of breaking free of being a little boy and wanting more independence.

The girls love him too.

Squirt and Ju-ju

Wow – those are some dirty knees!

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