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surfing with our kids

I finally took some pictures of us at the beach, at the crack of dawn, with our children!  Yippee! It was an awesome morning and day with our kids.  I took candid pictures, action shots if you will.  It dawned on me (pun intended!) that I needed to run and get my camera because I was missing out on valuable moments which needed to be captured.  Here are a few notes; its summertime, the water is fairly warm right now which was not the case this time last summer and by warm I mean 67 degrees, and surfing begins early in the morning before the crowds (crowds of people and crowds of surfers).  This beach is a popular surf spot.  It’s located in Newport Beach, Southern CA by the pier and to locals it’s called Blackie’s or 22nd St.  It’s a place to people watch, surf, fish, and the overall condition of the surf is good for families and surfers.

Sunday the girls and I woke up at 6:00 am and were out the door at 6:22 am.  Troopers! They wanted to go and meet the boys at the beach.  We packed a towel, and took sand toys.  The boys got up a little earlier at their house, packed boards, and arrived about quarter after 6:00 am.  When we got there, we got the kids hot chocolates and donuts.  Our youngest three played in the sand while Surfer Boy and I hit the water with his oldest son, Ace.  Grandpa (SB’s dad) comes to the beach too and stayed with the kids while we surfed a little.  Once we got out, Surfer Boy took Squirt on his 9 foot board so he could get a chance to try out a few waves.

They paddled out (2 cuties in the center), and waited.

Dad and Son water

Surfer Boy helps for now by pushing Squirt in to the wave.  Squirt has pretty good balance and form.  This is his second summer learning. 

Nolan Surf alone

 And another little one with dad right behind him.

Nolan with DadHere are some pics of the rest of of our kids playing in the water, looking for sand crabs.  My girls tried balancing on the board last summer, but haven’t quite asked to do it again.  Ace got in a little bit with his dad on Saturday and short while with us on Sunday.

These girls love exploring with Ace.


A lot traffic on this beach!

3 kids

Here is the same picture, but a little closer.

3 kids closeup

Here is Bink with Juju and Ace behind her. Nice beach, huh?


Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!!  I know we did!

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