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This year was the 2nd Thanksgiving for me and Surfer Boy.  Last year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner at his house for his parents, his boys, and family friends.   The morning started out with breakfast and Bloody Marys that his dad brought over.  From cheeses and stuffed mushrooms, the day just got better as the turkey and all the sides came together.  This year my dad and stepmom hosted Thanksgiving at their house. SB’s birthday also falls within a few days of Thanksgiving.  This year he turned 40.  We had a fun and very busy four days together with our kids. 

On my way home Wednesday night, I called and made an appointment for me and my girls to get our nails done.  I picked them up and off we went.  After psychedelic nail color on one and red nails with Christmas trees on the other we went home and made pizzas for dinner.  It was an early night because the next day SB had a big surprise for the girls.  The suspense of his plans was killing them!  We continued the suspense until the next morning. 

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning and we were out the door to SB’s house to meet him and Ace.  When we got to his house I made pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  We watched the Twilight Zone marathon for a bit until SB whisked the kids off to the local family fun center for go-kart racing, video games, and miniature golf.  When they left I stayed at his house to bake two apple upside down cakes, and balsamic glazed brussels sprouts to take to my dad and stepmom’s house.  When they left I changed the channel to the Macy’s Day Parade, and then to the I Love Lucy marathon.  The morning was perfect and not just because the house was quiet but because I had not felt at peace in a long while.  The house smelled of breakfast, and cakes baking, not to mention the vinegar for the brussels was hard to disperse for a while, but the kids were out having fun and I was content doing what I loved.  I even folded his laundry, with enthusiasm that morning I was feeling so blissful. For future reference, I can’t guarantee blissfully folding laundry will ever happen again. When SB and the kids returned, it was time to go pick up Squirt.  Once we were all together, off we went to my parent’s house.

My dad and stepmom had 22 people at their house.  We had cousins, my brother and our mom, aunts and uncles, friends, new husbands, new fiancés, and the six of us.  We have been blending families since the beginning of time if you think about it.  This shouldn’t be rocket science, but I guess in our case a few extra calculations have to be considered when we are blending on a daily basis.   My family has always made people feel warm and welcome. What a blessing!  For that I am thankful.

The next morning was Friday.  SB wanted to go surfing. Surfers get up early to go surfing.  The girls and I were up and out the door at 6:30 am.   SB had the boards loaded in the truck when we got there.  Just Squirt, the girls, SB and I drove down that morning. Ace wanted to sleep in so he stayed home.  We arrived at a very crowded beach that was very socked in.   I am sure a combination of good surf, and a day off brought out the crowds.  You would never know from the picture that there was a sea of ants in the water surfing on decent waves because the beach was so socked in.  Unfortunately we did not surf.  We got the kids donuts and hot chocolates and threw the football around for a while.   

We left the beach around 9:00 am and when we got back to SB’s house we made a little breakfast, and off to Costco we went to shop for supplies and food for SB’s birthday party.  This was a nonstop four days.  That night we also went out to dinner for the first time with all six of us.  We went to a local sushi place where the hospitality when SB and I eat there cannot be beat anywhere else, not to mention the owner makes all his own sauces, and it’s one of the best local sushi restaurants.  The kids were given Japanese soda that come in glass bottles, and huge scoops of green tea ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert.  That’s all we fed them, soda and ice cream!  Hot chocolates and donuts!  Spoiled kids!  Yeah-right, in their dreams maybe!  

Saturday we celebrated SB’s 40th.  I have never seen him so happy!  We did a redneck themed birthday complete with pink flamingos, tiki torches, Texas sheet cake, cheese and chili dip, little smoky appetizers, and for dinner we had hot dogs, chicken legs, and spicy links with classic potato salad and green salad with ranch dressing.  It doesn’t get much better than that! Gifts were white elephant only.  He got a gnome chia pet, a Polaroid camera, mixed matched beers tied up with a duct tape bow, and a pink flower goblet and Coors Light can of beer.  Good friends and family was all he could ask for!  Here are few very happy pictures.

Hope you had a great holiday week too!

Texas sheet cake made by my mom

Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you…

Hope all your wishes come true!



how did you know pink was his color?

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