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traveling companion

Have I ever mentioned I travel a bit?  Not like on a plane for business, but more simple like in a car to my boyfriends house.  I don’t have to travel far just one little city over but I do do it a lot.  I have a companion, and her name is Mandy.  She is my other favorite girl.  Loyal to the bone this one.  This picture below is her traveling with me.  She comes and goes with me every week or weekend when I go back and forth to Surfer Boy’s house. She knows the routine.  She sees my shoes on, bag over my shoulder, and she is howling, spinning in circles and jumping for joy.  Once she gets in the car she settles right here between the center console and remains calm and alert.

photo Mandy

She is an old girl now.  With her grey’s she is definitely more distinguished.  She is not as enthusiastic to leave Surfer Boy’s house as she is go to his house.  I think she has a crush on him. I can hardly blame her!

This morning I dropped her off at SB’s house and she was so excited to be there that she would barely take her treats from me.  I let her out back where she could run and explore and help with rodent control.  Did you know she was master exterminator too?  She leaves presents in the yard.

She is always by my side and waiting for me to arrive.  If she could fit in my lap, that is where she would be as often as she could.

These 2 pictures are of her laying under me at my dining room table while I do homework with the girls.  She will put her nose under my feet.

Mandy under tableWhat mom…you got something for me?  Want to rub my tummy?

Mandy under table looking up


She is awesome.  A face only a mother could love!


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