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This is my love and me. He makes me laugh every day.

Dinner on the jetty at “The Wedge” in Newport Beach, CA

He would pretty much do anything for me and I practically never have to ask.  He has supported me in all my crazy ideas and stands right by side.  He always reminds me of how I will persevere.   He tells me almost every day that I am beautiful, an amazing woman that I am awesome, and thanks for me for everything I do.  He has an intense passion for things he loves.  He cares about others and would give anyone the shirt of his back if they needed it.  With a smile he would say: “its ok I have another one”!  He is a very simple man and I love this about him.  He does not need fancy or flashy but thinks a few nice things every now and again have its perks!

Gawd forbid if he had to wear a suit because it might be itchy, hot or “gross”.  Note: He looks HOT in a suit!  If he had his way sometimes I think he would prefer to be naked.  I’m kidding, he would want a pair of shorts. He is typical California boy.  He loves the sun, being outdoors, and going to the beach.  A weekend without surfing seems like a waste to him.  For years he had to forego this passion of his because he chose to make other sacrifices that go along with being a part of a one sided, high conflict marriage.  I am happy for him that he has found time for his passion again and that I can share that with him.  I love getting in the water with him even though recently I have lost a bit of patience with the waves (aka: I was a pain in the ass) since I am still learning.

I am hoping sometime this weekend we will all get out to the beach one morning.  It has been a few weeks for me.

I am one lucky girl and even though I put him through a lot he still loves me each and every day.  We have our issues from time to time but who doesn’t?  Blending four kids as single parents with an irrational bio-mom isn’t easy and comes with its challenges and hurdles.  We are learning every day how to talk, argue, cry, and talk again together.  Usually in that order.  Doesn’t every relationship or marriage do this?  Maybe not.  We have our work cut out for us and we are well aware of this fact.  I do know that life changes, kids reach new stages and we have to evaluate ourselves as parents, the person we are and make the adjustments as a couple and an individual.

When I met Surfer Boy I was of the impression I could do no wrong.  It takes a lot for me to admit this. I am a strong person with a strong personality so I have had to swallow my pride.  Gulp, and I will continue.  The weird amazing part is that I have learned that I am not perfect!  Whoa! What? Epiphany!  I had never been corrected before, held accountable maybe is another word for it, and never been in a real passionate argument over real issues.  I am 35 years old!  Where have I been?  I will say that because SB expresses himself, has passion for us and what he believes in I have had to look at my imperfections which has made me grow as a person, a mom, and a friend.  Humility anyone?  I will stretch to say that we are a lot alike.  We have both come far together.  He makes me a better person and I love him dearly.

If he was to to read this, I would want him to know:

SB – I love you!  You are my everything!  You are beautiful inside and out, you are an amazing man, you are awesome, and thank you for everything you do for us and the kids, and for washing my car every weekend (makes my heart melt).

With love, your Rocket


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